Top 10 Mesothelioma Symptoms And Causes You Should Be Aware Of


Before we dive into the various Mesothelioma Symptoms And Causes, let us first know what happens in this disease. Well, it is cancer in the mesothelium region of our body. The mesothelium is the protective lining in our body that is present outside each and every internal organ in our body. Well yes if you have someone close to you suffering from mesothelioma, then you must definitely take a look at what causes mesothelioma to get a better understanding of it.

Wondering how the disease begins? Well, it begins in the chest cavity of our body in the pleural mesothelium coating. Normal places for this cancer to grow are in the stomach and the chest region from where it spreads to the other parts of the body. Once we take a look at the causes of it, then we will proceed to know about the various mesothelioma symptoms that happen in patients. If you suspect that someone has mesothelioma, then this article is going to help you detect it in the right time. So without further ado put complete attention and keep reading to know more about this deadly disease.

The Major Causes Of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma Symptoms And Causes

1) Asbestos

As much impossible it sounds, this is the main reason behind what causes mesothelioma. Asbestos is minerals which contain some thin fibers in them. The advantage of these fibers is that they are fire, heat and chemical resistant and they are not even conductors of electricity. Due to these desirable properties, it is often combined with various metals or other components and used in the construction industry. While the workers manufacture the asbestos items, the tiny fibers get inside the body and cause mesothelioma. This is the main cause of getting the disease. However, there are some other mesothelioma causes which are rare but present.

2) Zeolites

If this term sounds familiar then you have probably studied it in your textbook, Zeolites are the minerals that are chemically very similar to asbestos. In some parts of the world, like Turkey, there is erionite present in the soil. Erionite is one such element, the exposure to which can cause mesothelioma. So people residing in those regions need to take extra care so that they don’t get mesothelioma.

3) Radiation

according to the American Cancer society there were examples of patients suffering from mesothelioma that got it due to exposure to high radiation doses. This radiation was found in the chest as well as the abdomen regions of the patients. Often they were also found after thorium dioxide injection was given to the patients or due to the usage of traditional x-ray machines emitting harmful radiations.

4) Virus SV40

The simian virus or like it is known as the SV 40 increases the risk in humans to cause mesothelioma. Some of the polio vaccines that were given in the ‘50s and ‘60s were found to be infected with this kind of virus, which raised major health concerned among the people. Close to 30 million people in the United States were exposed to this virus, and this caused them to have mesothelioma easily.

5) Genetics

Genetics play one of the biggest factors to cause this disease. Yes, they are one of the major causes why people develop mesothelioma. It is often derived from parents or grandparents who had this disease, or it was masked in them. Either way, the next generations are prone to this deadly disease, and special care should be taken if this is the case.

6) Genetics

Genetics play one of the biggest factors to cause this disease. Yes, they are one of the major causes why people develop mesothelioma. It is often derived from parents or grandparents who had this disease, or it was masked in them. Either way, the next generations are prone to this deadly disease, and special care should be taken if this is the case.

7) Smoking

Though smoking alone can never cause this disease in individuals however studies have shown that the people who smoke and at the same time are exposed to asbestos have a higher chance of developing mesothelioma. Other kinds of diseases like lung cancer caused by asbestos can also be speeded up just by smoking.

8) Carbon Nanotubes 

HARNs and carbon nanotubes have the chance to cause this disease. Even though studies have found this, such a cause is quite rare, and cases, where people developed this condition due to carbon nanotubes, are really less.

So these are the top reasons why mesothelioma is caused. If you were thinking how you get mesothelioma, then this will definitely help you out. Now we will take a look at some of the mesothelioma symptoms for the easy and prompt detection of the disease before it is too late to save someone.

Top 10 Mesothelioma Symptoms

The symptoms of mesothelioma which you must immediately pay attention to are listed below. If one or more of these symptoms are present in someone, then the person needs immediate medical supervision

1) A chronic Cough

Do you ignore coughs? Well, you will never do it again after reading this. Chronic coughs are the ones that feel like they will never go away. Even though a persistent cough can be present due to other diseases but this is one of the earliest signs that a person has mesothelioma, often the patient will also cough up blood.

2) Breath Shortness

If you experience shortness of breath along with chest pain then you should be alert, it could be mesothelioma. As the disease will progress into the later stages, this symptom will go on becoming the worst and is as a result of blood building up around the lung.

3) Chest/ Abdominal Pain

One of the earliest signs of mesothelioma is a pain in the chest region or under the ribcage. However patients often mix this with symptoms of other diseases, if you also experience abdominal pain along with chest pain, then you should start to take things seriously.

4) Tenderness And Swelling Of Abdomen

If you have this kind of cancer then you are likely to experience your abdomen swelling up along with tenderness. One-third of the patients that suffer from the disease experience their abdomen swelling up and being soft to touch. This symptom is really common, and you must pay proper attention to it.

5) Swallowing Becomes Difficult

Dysphagia or pain when you are about to swallow something is one of the symptoms of mesothelioma. There may be other forms of this symptom like hoarseness of the voice; reflux or you might feel that there is something stuck right at the back portion of your throat. If these kinds of symptoms are experienced then instead of thinking how you get mesothelioma, one should immediately consult a doctor and tell about the problems faced by them.

6) Unintentional Weight Loss

Again one-third of the patients of this disease experience this symptom. If you lose a couple of pounds, then you don’t need to worry immediately, but of the number of pounds that you lose keep son growing then you need to take it seriously. You should consider it to be a serious illness and consult the doctor as this is a serious illness and symptoms like these must never be ignored.

7) Sweating Without Cause

Some people have a tendency to sweat more than others but night sweats are typically one of the symptoms that the person is suffering from cancer. In the thirds or the fourth stage of mesothelioma night, sweats are more common. These night sweats will be cold and will come without any reason. Also, they will, in most of the cases be accompanied by other symptoms of the disease.

8) Fever

Any kind of cancer including mesothelioma will cause fever in the patient. If you experience coughing for no reason and also fever without any other accompanied disease, then it can be a cause of cancer. One must never ignore fevers that are unaccounted for. The night sweats which are mentioned above can also be caused as a result of the fever breaking.

9) Fatigue

Do you feel tired and fatigued the entire day even though you did nothing extraordinary? It’s time you take it seriously as fatigue is one of the earliest symptoms of a person suffering from mesothelioma. If your fatigues are recurrent, then you must immediately tell your physician about this and take the necessary medication. If you see that sleep is not curing the fatigues, then it could be because of this disease.

10) Lungs Surrounded By Fluid

Pleural effusion or the accumulation of fluids all around the lungs is the most common symptom of this disease.90% of the patients that suffer from mesothelioma face this, and therefore one might call this as the ultimate symptom of this disease. However, there are other diseases which can cause fluid to accumulate around the lings. So make sure you do proper testing.

So, now that you know all about the mesothelioma causes and the associated symptoms of it rest assured if you have none of it. In case you find one of the symptoms matching then its advisable that you immediately consult a doctor. To stay on the safe side remain far away from asbestos particles so that it cannot affect your body.

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